About Us

At Melbourne Manufacturing Jewellers, we are a group of highly skilled jewellers, stone setters, valuers and engravers who have come together to service Melbourne and retail jewellery stores for all their jewellery requirements.
We are experts in Engagement and Wedding rings and are able to handcraft your special piece in consultation with you with meticulous detail and exquisite workmanship.
As manufacturers we are able to take you through the step by step process helping you choose an engagement ring, a wedding ring or re-designing an old piece of jewellery.
Many of our jewellers have been in the trade in excess of 30 years and we only use high quality materials. Since we manufacture the jewellery ourselves, the price of the perfect piece of jewellery becomes more affordable.
Operating since 1992, we at Melbourne Manufacturing Jewellers have trained many retail staff within the jewellery industry for other Jewellers and are always in demand for our valuable jewellery experience by jewellery valuers and jewellery stores nationwide.
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