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Anniversary Metals and Gemstones

Wedding anniversary milestone jewellery has become a popular gift idea for many couples. Together with the traditional list, they have developed a modern list which includes gemstones and metals for each milestone. The tradition of giving anniversary gifts seems to have started in medieval Germany. ​When a couple reached 25 years of marriage, the wife was given a silver garland to mark the occasion. People in that era rarely lived to 50 years old, but in the event that they were married for 50 years, the wife would get a gold garland.    1st anniversary: PeridotTraditional Anniversary Gift: PAPERGemstone: PeridotMetal: Gold2nd anniversary: GarnetTraditional Anniversary Gift: COTTONGemstone: GARNETMetal: Gold3rd anniversary: PearlTraditional Anniversary Gift: LEATHERModern Gift: CRYSTALGemstone: PEARLMetal: Gold4th anniversary: Blue TopazTraditional Anniversary Gift: FRUIT OR FLOWERSGemstone: BLUE TOPAZMetal: Gold5th anniversary: SapphireTraditional Anniversary Gift: WOODGemstone: SAPPHIREMetal: Gold6th anniversary: AmethystTraditional Anniversary Gift: IRONGemstone: AMETHYSTMetal: IRON7th anniversary:...

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